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The construction of 115 km. of “Trakia” Motorway under OP “Transport” is completed

From 15th of July the latter section of about 34 km. of Trakia Motorway is opened for traffic.

This is Lot 4.2 – from road junction “ Zimnitsa” to Karnobat ( from km 291+000 to km 325+280

The project “Completion of “Trakia” Motorway lots 2, 3 and 4” is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and the State budget of the Republic of Bulgaria through the Operational Programme “Transport” 2007-2013.

The segment road junction “Zimnitsa’ – Karnobat was opened by the President Rosen Plevneliev and the Minister of Regional Development Desislava Terzieva. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of transport, information technology and communications Daniel Papazov, by the Chairman of the Management Board of “Road Infrastructure Agency”eng. Lazar Lazarov, by eng. Iliana Zaharieva – member of the Management Board, members of the parliament, longtime employees of the State road administration and etc.

The overall length of Lot 4 – from Yambol to Karnobat is 49,08 km. The last year, August 26th was opened the movement on Lot 4.1 – the section from Yambol to road junction “Zimnitsa” (from km. 276+200 to km. 291+000) to facilitate the traffic through “Petolachkata”. The length of the section is about 15 km.

Contractor of the construction installation works is Association JVs “Trakia IV. The contract’ value is 209 646 720,00 BGN with included VAT. The Construction’s supervision is performed by the Association JVs “Plan Invest – Plovdivinvest LOT4”. The Contract value is 974 400,00 BGN with included VAT. The Author’s supervision is performed by Association JVs “Viaplan-Burda”, whose contract is for 130 800 BGN with included VAT.

With the opening of the latter segment of the motorway the average speed will increase from 68 km/h to 101-105 km/h. The travel from Sofia to Burgas will be for about 3 and half hours. The convenience and safety of travel will greatly increase. The transit traffic that from decades passes through a number of towns and villages in the districts of Stara Zagora, Sliven, Yambol and Varna, now is exported outside them. Better infrastructure will promote the economic development and tourism in the region, will save a lot of costs to the individuals and businesses.

Trakia” Motorway is part of the Pan European Transport Corridor VІІІ. Its construction is a priority infrastructural project of national and international importance. The project “Completion of the construction of Trakia Motorway Lots 2, 3 and 4” is the first large infrastructural project implemented under OP “Transport” 2007-2013. The value of the grant is 699 648 287,32 BGN with included VAT. Of them 513 970 279,58 BGN are funded by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and 185 678 007,61BGN from the State budget of Republic of Bulgaria.



The 115-kilometers route is divided on three sections.

Thefirstsectionopenedon 1stofJuly 2012 is Stara Zagora – Nova Zagora. The overall length of the section is 31.8 km. Onitwerebuilt 20 largefacilities. RoadJunctionStaraZagorawhichwasopenedfortraffic 9 monthsaheadtheschedule - on 13thofOctober 2011, providedasafeconnectionwithtwoofthebusiestroaddirectionsOrizovoBurgasandStaraZagoraDimitrovgrad.

The second section Nova Zagora – Yambol with length 35,7 km. was opened on 12th of July 2012. There have 18 large facilities. The construction of the segment meets all European requirements for preservation of the biodiversity. Therearebuiltnearly 8 kmorange nets with height 4 meters, which ensure the safe flight of migratory birds. Also, under the paving were constructed mini-tunnels for the crossing of small animals.

There is 30 large facilities on the third section Yambol-Karnobat - bridges, underpasses, overpasses, junctions etc., three of them are bridge facilities - over the rivers Tundzha, Marash and Mochuritsa.

In total under the project have been built 5 road junctions, 9,bridges, 36 overpasses, 15 underpasses and 3 crossings of railways. With the construction of 115 km of “Trakia” Motorway with funds from the European Union completes the overall construction of the motorway from Sofia to Burgas, which is about 360 km. 

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